Ken Preminger founded Fitness Power, Inc in 1983, one of the first personal training companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. It quickly became known as a high quality organization that provided comprehensive personal fitness training and group instruction. Presently, Fitness Power has grown to four locations, fifteen personal trainers and instructors that offer customized programs for individuals drawing from Pilates, Spinning, Yoga, Core training and Nutritional counseling. Additionally Ken consults to organizations and individuals in the design, equipment acquisition and implementation of gyms that optimize function, space and budget.

Fitness Power clients range from the average person looking to get in shape to elite athletes and high powered corporate executives. Ken’s personal clients have included some notable people in the last twenty years: a former Vice President of the United States and his wife, arguable the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL, a CEO who consistently ranks in the top ten on the Forbes 400 wealth list, and many of the Venture Capitalists who helped start and sustain Silicon Valley.

Ken’s professional experience included the fulfillment of a childhood dream when he served as Fitness Coach for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL in 1977 and The San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball in 1986. Both jobs involved getting the players ready to perform at an optimal level against the best competition in the world. Areas of focus included developing programs for strength, flexibility and speed, cardiovascular conditioning, rehabilitation of minor injuries and nutritional education for energy, endurance and weight control. The San Francisco Giants in 1986 had one their best records from the previous year in franchise history; this was partly credited to the superior conditioning of the players and fewer injuries than before.

Ken was personally selected by President Bill Clinton to be one of twenty people on the President’s Council of Physical Fitness and Sports in 2000. He was the first personal fitness trainer to be awarded this honor, and he served with distinction in promoting the benefits of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle for two years.

Education has been one of the highlights of Ken’s life experience. He has a proud and strong connection with Stanford University that goes back four generations. He received both his undergraduate degree and a Masters in Education there. Both his parents also received undergraduate degrees in the early 1940’s, and his grandfather was a professor of Botany for over thirty years. The forerunner of this path was his Great grandfather, Eugene Schell, who was commissioned by Mrs. Leland Stanford in 1898 to help design and build the Stanford Chapel. Currently, six of the top leaders of the University are achieving success as Fitness Power clients.

Ken Preminger's Experience

Fitness Power, Inc. - President & Founder 1983 -Present
President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports - 2000 - 2002
San Francisco Giants - Fitness Coach 1986
Cable Television - Fitness Instructor 1984 - 1985
Foothill College - Coach & Fitness Instructor 1976 - 1983
Kansas City Chiefs - Strength & Conditioning Coach 1977

Education & Certifications:

Stanford University - Bachelor of Arts - Political Science 1975
Stanford University - Master of Arts - Education 1976
State of California - Community College Certification - Physical Education 1976 - Good for Life
A.C.E. - Personal Trainer 1998


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